We always start with a vacuum and a dust blower. Then depending on our client’s needs proceed with a citrus based carpet shampoo that has minimal scent, leaving the car smelling new and clean, not like a chemical factory. If needed an extractor is used, sometimes with hot water depending on the fabric and application. We then use a citrus based cleaner which lifts any dirt or stains from all surfaces, then protect them with conditioner,a great feeling product that leaves the leather fresh and supple. If needed, we steam the seats while cleaning them.

A gallery of specialized tools and gadgets are used to get into every last hiding space in the car if that level to attention is required.  Depending on the interior materials, needs and owner’s desires, protective products are applied. A vacuum once again is needed to insure everything is perfect and ready to be presented to our client. Your interior is left clean, protected, and fresh, using only the finest products available.

In certain cases, removal of interior pieces such as seats is necessary depending on the state of the car and the level of cleaning needed. We can do this on any vehicle.