This is the start to any exterior detail, but is one of our most popular stand alone services for our clients who want to maintain their car’s finish and go as long as possible between exterior paint polishing. One of the worst enemies of your paint is taking it any normal car wash, be it a drive through, a do it yourself, or a staffed quick wash and vacuum facility. The drive through brushes or foam pads are beat up, and abrasive so they remove dirt quickly and are full of contaminants. They scratch your paint and within just a few of these or less, it becomes noticeable. The staffed car washes use the same low quality drying towels over and over, carry debris from one vehicle to the next. We use high quality mits held in buckets designed so they never touch the bottom where dirt can collect after just one pass. We use a combination of Microfiber towels that are used once and immediately put into the laundry along with automotive specific air dryers as to not damage paint in any step of the wash process. We  wash our towels and mits only a few times before they retire to a rag.