We use a wide range of products to get your vehicle looking it’s best. Not every job requires the same materials. Certain paint and interior materials react to different products with very different results. Part of what separates us from the competition is we are constantly making sure we are increasing our knowledge of the best and newest products, and most current materials and techniques available.

We never cut corners by using cheap products or worn out materials as adding to our bottom line never gets you the best service. Every detail shop claims they use the “finest products available”. Do they really? If you see products that are available in auto parts stores or Walmart, you can bet they are not. Professional grade products are expensive, and therefore most shops do not use most or any of them. We use only the highest end polishes, leather conditioners and interior and exterior cleaners and dressings.  We carry an absolute full line of products we use, as subtle nuances in material call for slightly  different applications. Whenever possible we use eco friendly materials if it allows for uncompromising results.

We take equal care to use the highest quality  and most modern equipment. We don’t hesitate to spend more on better tools that give us an advantage in reconditioning your car.

We are a proud authorized retailer of Prima Car Care Products and Flitz Premium Metal Polishes.




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