Elevation Auto Spa is a high-end restorative detailing facility and is the preferred detail center for many of Colorado’s most meticulous automobile enthusiasts. Our experienced and dedicated staff is trusted to care for a diverse range of vehicles, including classic’s, exotics, high-end imports, motorcycles, boats and RV’s.  Our facility is a proud member of the BBB, and  is a winner of the BBB’s Gold Star certificate the past 2 years.

Most peoples cars are a big expense for them, and just like a house they need to be cared for properly to maintain there value at the highest level. It is a huge investment to acquire all the proper tools, products and knowledge to maintain your vehicle at the level it deserves. Not to mention the time, as the hours can ad up well into the double digits to get the job done right.  Other people just have a passion for there “baby” like we do, and want to know the the person that is detailing them is not only the best, but someone they can trust.

We offer a wide range of services normally not found at one shop. Our staff has experience with all paint types, from old weathered single stage to multi stage modern paint and custom work. Your vehicle is a major investment, and when it comes to us it receives the highest level of attention available. We can make your worn daily driver look like new again.

Picking a shop to work on your vehicle should not be taken lightly. Our shop is one the best in the state in regards to the level of dedication we take to get the best results. From making sure we have the best equipment, to having an environment that gives us the ability to spot and correct the smallest defects. A controlled environment is best as well, and we recommend people never detail a car outside, as contaminants will certainly get onto your polishing and waxing pads and you can risk chemical runoff into ground water, whereas we have water catches so our refuse is sent to a treatment facility.  We do offer pickup and drop off services for those who need assistance. We use only the highest quality products and equipment and are a proud authorized retailer of Prima Car Care products and Flitz metal polishes.

Our entire staff take great pride in our shop and the level of service we provide. Each experienced team member has gone through extensive training in order to take their craft from where is was to where it needs to be for our clients expectations. We look forward to showing you what can be done with your vehicle and how a proper detailing routine will maintain yours vehicles value.

Every vehicle and owner has unique needs. Pricing is based on condition of the vehicle and level of service desired.

Please call or stop by for a free consultation with one of our professional technicians.